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A Fair alternative to Obamacare

0_0_0_0_153_86_csupload_62186860The easiest part of the Affordable Care Act was supposed to be designing a user-friendly website that prompted millions to sign up for health insurance with just few clicks. To describe the launch as a colossal fiasco is putting it mildly.

While many feel slighted with a “glitchy” website, the Latino community has been utterly dismissed. That’s because if you speak only Spanish, the Administration didn’t even bother to fully rollout an ObamaCare website for you. Yet, something tells me they won’t have any difficulties sending us the penalty notice for not signing up – in Spanish.

Still, while much attention is currently being focused on the mutilation of a website, those of us who mistrust Washington’s growing control and power are most distressed about the damage Obamacare’s full implementation will do to the nation’s Healthcare system.


President Obama promised that his health reform plan would lower health costs, expand choice, and improve quality of care. Yet, as the program is unveiled – piece by broken piece – none of these promises are materializing. Americans are losing full-time employment, millions have been dropped from their employer insurance rolls, and many doctors won’t participate.

And worst of all, the care is not affordable. While a Bronze Plan – the cheapest insurance available under the ACA – will cost many families more than they are currently paying, they will have to cover 40 percent of their medical bills out of pocket through deductibles and co-payments — up to as much as $12,700 per year for a family. Consider also that 65 percent of Hispanics are millennials, meaning they will pay much more for a product they don’t need, didn’t ask for and cannot afford.

Posted on November 19th, 2014

Are you better off with Obamacare? Latinos say no!

Our recent survey revealed that you are not better off with Obamacare. And who can blame you? The law is resulting in higher premiums for Americans across the country. And now, Obama Administration officials are telling Congress that consumers should expect “bumps” during the enrollment process through the  website even as we enter the second year since the inception of The Affordable Care Act (ACA)!
So far, the website has cost taxpayers nearly $1 billion. Do they think that money grows on trees?
Check out the impact of Obamacare in your state
Nuestra reciente encuesta reveló que no estás mejor bajo Obamacare. No es para menos. La ley esta resultando en primas más altas para millones de estadounidenses a lo largo del país. Ahora los oficiales de la administración de Obama le han dicho al congreso que los consumidores deben esperar “tropiezos” en el proceso de registración durante el segundo año de La Ley de Salud Asequible (ACA).
Hasta el momento, la página web le ha costado a los contribuyentes casi mil millones de dólares. ¿Piensan que el dinero crece en árboles?
Vea el impacto de Obamacare en tu estado.

Posted on August 6th, 2014

Obamacare, Vaya con la Broma!

La Campana de HeritageNi el mejor de los guionistas se podría inventar algo así. El día de la supuesta fecha límite de la ley de atención médica, tras un masivo intento de la gente por visitar la página web, se cayó. Así resumió la web Politico lo sucedido: estuvo caída durante seis horas a primera hora de la mañana del lunes. Luego volvió a funcionar. Posteriormente se activó su “sala de espera virtual”. Más tarde bloqueó a los nuevos visitantes que trataban de crear cuentas. Después estuvo funcionando de nuevo…
El líder de la mayoría en el Senado, Harry Reid (D-NV), dice que Obamacare está teniendo problemas para despegar debido a que “la gente no está educada en los usos de Internet”. La representante Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) indica que Obamacare es una “victoria política”, mientras el programa Saturday Night Live se burla de los intentos de la administración por conectar con los jóvenes americanos mediante cualquier celebridad o red social disponible.
Y todo esto está sucediendo realmente. LEA MAS AQUI!

Posted on April 1st, 2014

How Conservatives need to address Obamacare going forward


The Executive Director of the LIBRE Initiative

Daniel Garza, moderated a distinguished panel at the 50th Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this weekend to discuss different marked-based alternatives to the healthcare crisis. Watch the complete panel here.

“You might be able to throw more taxpayer money at fixing the horrendous website, but how do you fix a system that is mandated by government, run by an army of bureaucrats and riddled with price controls?” said Garza. Tell us how the law is affecting Hispanics in your state.

Posted on March 12th, 2014

Think Latinos are benefitting from Obamacare? Think again!

For all the talk on how wonderful the Affordable Care Act, or commonly known as Obamacare, the reality is quite different, as stated in this LIBRE Initiative story:
“Low-income and minority Medicare beneficiaries – particularly Hispanics – continue to choose plans provided by Medicare Advantage because of the higher-quality coverage and flexibility that the private supplement provides.   
Many find the Medicare Advantage plans desirable because they provide high-quality coordinated care and include vision, hearing, dental, and wellness programs that would not otherwise be offered.  Most Advantage plans also include prescription drug coverage. Yet despite the overwhelming popularity of Medicare Advantage within the Latino community, late last Friday CMS announced the 2015 policy updates and reduced payment rates for the program — which may ultimately result in cuts as large as 8-10%.” 
Read the full story here.

Posted on March 3rd, 2014

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