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Virginia Latino Advisory Board meeting

0_0_0_0_112_179_csupload_65145986_largeThe quarterly meeting of the Governor’s “Virginia Latino Advisory Board” was held at the offices of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber in Tysons Corner on Friday, 7/25/14 .  Members of the statewide board are appointed to 4-year terms and have the power and duty to advise the Governor on issues affecting the Latino community.  Theresa Speake, member of the CEC, was appointed by Governor McDonnell and will serve through 2016.
The Secretary of Administration for the Governor, Nancy Rodrigues, made a presentation regarding the new voter identification card that is available at any Electoral Board free of charge for anyone not having picture identification.  All individuals in Virginia must possess and present a photo ID in order to vote starting with the upcoming 2014 general election.
The public attendance included the Chair of the CEC, Lolita Mancheno-Smoak and Micah Edmond, GOP candidate for the 8th Congressional District.

Posted on July 28th, 2014

Obamacare, Vaya con la Broma!

La Campana de HeritageNi el mejor de los guionistas se podría inventar algo así. El día de la supuesta fecha límite de la ley de atención médica, tras un masivo intento de la gente por visitar la página web, se cayó. Así resumió la web Politico lo sucedido: estuvo caída durante seis horas a primera hora de la mañana del lunes. Luego volvió a funcionar. Posteriormente se activó su “sala de espera virtual”. Más tarde bloqueó a los nuevos visitantes que trataban de crear cuentas. Después estuvo funcionando de nuevo…
El líder de la mayoría en el Senado, Harry Reid (D-NV), dice que Obamacare está teniendo problemas para despegar debido a que “la gente no está educada en los usos de Internet”. La representante Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) indica que Obamacare es una “victoria política”, mientras el programa Saturday Night Live se burla de los intentos de la administración por conectar con los jóvenes americanos mediante cualquier celebridad o red social disponible.
Y todo esto está sucediendo realmente. LEA MAS AQUI!

Posted on April 1st, 2014

How Conservatives need to address Obamacare going forward


The Executive Director of the LIBRE Initiative

Daniel Garza, moderated a distinguished panel at the 50th Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this weekend to discuss different marked-based alternatives to the healthcare crisis. Watch the complete panel here.

“You might be able to throw more taxpayer money at fixing the horrendous website, but how do you fix a system that is mandated by government, run by an army of bureaucrats and riddled with price controls?” said Garza. Tell us how the law is affecting Hispanics in your state.

Posted on March 12th, 2014

COTS and the FCPS FY15 Budget Public Hearings



During the Public Hearing before the School Board on the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget last week, COTS shared its concern that the Superintendent did not recommend that the school system ask the Board of supervisors for enough money to avoid cuts to programs important to COTS kids – like needs based staffing and summer school.  COTS’ members testimony can be read here: 
FCPS School Board Public Hearing No.4 – FY 2015 Advertised Budget

Watch the video of the FCPS Budget hearing!  Dr. Lolita Mancheno-Smoak, Avis Catchings, Tina Hone and other COTS representatives testify beginning at the 53 minute mark.

The Board of Supervisors must also hear from COTS!  Public hearings before the Board of Supervisors on the County Budget are scheduled for April 8, 9 and 10.  Sign up is already open.  Please, sign up to speak on behalf of COTS kids!  
You can sign up to speak by calling the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at 703-324-3151.  You can also sign up online at  When you sign up to speak, please say you are testifying on behalf of the Coalition of The Silence.  We must show our strength as a Coalition.  Stay tuned for information on future conference calls to go over key message points and develop powerful testimony! 
Between now and the Board of Supervisors public hearings, COTS has and will continue to meet with individual members of the Board of Supervisors.  In these meetings, COTS shows its support for Superintendent Garza but also expresses our legitimate disappointment that she did not ask for enough funding to avoid cuts to summer school and needs based staffing.  COTS also shares its profound concern that given the magnitude of student growth in FCPS, if the BOS does not provide adequate funding, all kids will suffer in FCPS – not just COTS kids.

Posted on February 7th, 2014

The economy, and not immigration, is the most important issue for Latinos

During the President’s State of the Union last Tuesday we asked you to answer one question: Which issue is of most importance to you? According to our respondents, 41% of you told us that the economy continues to be a top priority, followed by 21% healthcare reform, and 17% immigration reform. 
Latino Issues 2014Yet, during the last five years we have seen a weakened economy, the launch of a healthcare reform law that according to the CBO, will reduce the number of full-time workersby more than 2 million in coming years, and a lack of leadership from this Administration to fix our broken immigration system in a bipartisan manner.

You know, there has been much talk about “inequality” lately by the President, but our nation was built on the backs of hard working people who deserve more than speeches disguised as appeals to class resentments and bad government policy by this Administration.

LIBRE is listening to your concerns and will continue working to provide our communities with the tools that lead to prosperity in the United States. We must take action against the policies that stifle opportunity with more burdensome regulation and regulation and strive to divide the country even further.

Posted on February 5th, 2014

Hispanic support for President Obama plummets in one year

Latino Approval 2014
Contrary to common belief, Hispanics are no longer as supportive of the Obama administration as they were a short year ago.  His approval rating among the Latino community has plummeted 20 points, from a 72% approval rating to a 52% approval rating.  Read the facts about WHY this is happening in this message from Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative:
“Our economy remains weak, we face more regulation, more taxes, and unemployment is still a reality for millions of Americans, especially the Hispanic community. The President has also been unable to deliver on his promise to reform our broken immigration system in his first year in office.
To top it off, the health care reform roll out has been a nightmare for the millions who have lost their plans, are stuck paying higher premiums and deductibles, and now have no access to their doctors. What’s more, we will all be taxed under this mandate if we don’t comply.
We have seen so manybroken promiseson issues that impact our daily lives. It begs the question – Is this as good as it gets under this Administration? I’m sure the one thing we can all agree on is that we deserve better. 
If you had to choose one, what is the issue that concerns you most? Take our survey here.
LIBRE works year-round in your community to make a difference in the issues that impact your daily life. Learn how you can join us in your area.” 

Posted on January 30th, 2014

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