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FCPS Computer Technology Program “FCCPTATech Blog”

FCC PTAThe Fairfax County County of PTAs, FCCPTA has recently announced the creation of a blog on the use of computer technology by FCPS students and teachers, both at school and home, and it is seeking your participation, as members of the community and stakeholders of this program. “FCCPTATech Blog” will allow members of the community – students, parents, teachers, FCPS staff, and members of the general public — to engage in a discussion on the use of technology in our schools.
Readers of the blog will be able to submit comments and suggestions about any aspect of the FCPS technology program. Viewers will also find a list of “Policy Impact Questions” that the FCCPTA requests you consider and, if appropriate, comment upon questions such as:
  • Should Teachers Be Required to Integrate Technology?
  • Who Is Teaching Students the Computer Technology They Need to Know?
  • Can School Based Technology Specialists Make a Difference?
  • Should students be permitted to know more about technology than teachers?
  • Should Students Be Tested on their Knowledge of Computer Technology?
  • Can Smart Phones Provide Adequate, Equal Student Access?
  • Can there be equal education without equal student access to computer technology?
  • What’s the impact of teachers knowing less about computer technology than students do?
President Ramona Morrow is encouraging the community to spread the word about this brand new blog and hopefully your participation!  You can find the blog at

Posted on December 16th, 2013

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