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Hispanic support for President Obama plummets in one year

Latino Approval 2014
Contrary to common belief, Hispanics are no longer as supportive of the Obama administration as they were a short year ago.  His approval rating among the Latino community has plummeted 20 points, from a 72% approval rating to a 52% approval rating.  Read the facts about WHY this is happening in this message from Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative:
“Our economy remains weak, we face more regulation, more taxes, and unemployment is still a reality for millions of Americans, especially the Hispanic community. The President has also been unable to deliver on his promise to reform our broken immigration system in his first year in office.
To top it off, the health care reform roll out has been a nightmare for the millions who have lost their plans, are stuck paying higher premiums and deductibles, and now have no access to their doctors. What’s more, we will all be taxed under this mandate if we don’t comply.
We have seen so manybroken promiseson issues that impact our daily lives. It begs the question – Is this as good as it gets under this Administration? I’m sure the one thing we can all agree on is that we deserve better. 
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Posted on January 30th, 2014

What is “Common Core”?

Have you heard the term “Common Core“?  It is applied to use a National standard in the public education system.  What are the pros and cons of such standards?  Do you agree that the Federal government should mandate those standards, instead of the local school systems?  Here is an excerpt of a very enlighting and interesting article on the subject:
…”Most Americans don’t even know what that is. But they should. It’s the government’s plan to try to bring “the same standard” to every government-run school.
This may sound good. Often, states dumb down tests to try to “leave no child behind.” How can government evaluate teachers and reward successful schools if there isn’t a single national standard?
But when the federal government imposes a single teaching plan on 15,000 school districts across the country, that’s even more central planning, and central planning rarely works. It brings stagnation.
Education is a discovery process like any other human endeavor. We might be wrong about both how to teach and what to teach, but we won’t realize it unless we can experiment — compare and contrast the results of different approaches. Having “one plan” makes it harder to experiment and figure out what works.”
To read the entire article by John Stossel, click HERE.  Let us know what YOU think about this subject!

Posted on January 3rd, 2014

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