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2014 is the year of the Millennials!

0_0_0_0_111_93_csupload_637930752014 is the year of the Millennial. This year the youngest Millennial will become a teenager, while the oldest of us will realize thirty isn’t really that bad. There are nearly 90 million of us, and at 25% of the American population, we are hard to ignore.

0_0_0_0_191_120_csupload_638487101.       Put them on the team – Millennials have been placed on teams our entire lives- from soccer to science projects. As adults we are looking forward to working in diverse groups of various ages, ethnicities, genders and backgrounds.

2.       Ask their opinion – Sure, everyone wants to know someone cares what they think. But Millennials feel especially motivated when our supervisors value our input, even if they don’t take our advice.
3.       Escape the office – Millennials are sensory learners and retain more information when our left and right brain are stimulated simultaneously. Encourage your employees to work together in settings that don’t include a conference table. Extra points if it includes food.
4.       Give them a mentor – Millennials don’t want a boss, we want a coach. Although we don’t act like it, Millennials realize we don’t know it all, and want to learn from whoever manages us.
5.       Make them a mentor – Millennials love teaching others what we know. Cut back on on-boarding costs within the organization by putting your young minds to work on peer-mentoring programs or training videos. TO LEARN MORE, click HERE
Gabrielle Jackson is one of our featured speaker in the upcoming LIBERATED with TRUTH conference taking place on 4/12 at Langley HS, Fairfax.  To attend and find out more about this conference focused on the mythical “War on Women”, go to

Posted on March 18th, 2014

How Conservatives need to address Obamacare going forward


The Executive Director of the LIBRE Initiative

Daniel Garza, moderated a distinguished panel at the 50th Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this weekend to discuss different marked-based alternatives to the healthcare crisis. Watch the complete panel here.

“You might be able to throw more taxpayer money at fixing the horrendous website, but how do you fix a system that is mandated by government, run by an army of bureaucrats and riddled with price controls?” said Garza. Tell us how the law is affecting Hispanics in your state.

Posted on March 12th, 2014

Internet Access For Low-Income Students

Connect2CompeteAs technology plays a larger role in our schools it becomes more important for all students to have home access to technology and the Internet. Many students have little or no access to the Internet away from school. This places them at a disadvantage. To address this problem the FCPS’s “Access 4 All Committee” has been working to support three programs that make it possible for low-income families to obtain computers and Internet access at home at reduced or no costs.

The first program is Cox Communications’s “Connect2Compete” initiative that allows families receiving “Free Lunch” support to obtain Internet access for $10.00 a month.  It also provides those families with support and the opportunity to purchase computers at low cost. Attached are English and Spanish language flyers from Cox that provide details concerning this program.

Comcast’s “

Internet EssentialsInternet Essentials” is the second program. This program is similar to Cox’s “Connect2Compete” initiative with the primary difference in that students on both “Free AND Reduced Lunch” are eligible for it. Details of Comcast program are found in the attached English and Spanish Comcast flyers .

The last program is the FCPS’s “MiFi Checkout Program”. This program provides schools the opportunity to purchase cellular “MiFi” devices to checkout to students to gain Internet access at home.  The school checkout programs also include the loan of computer devices. The school funds to purchase MiFi Devices and computers are limited; the program is not funded by the FCPS central budget. Schools taking advantage of the program do so on an optional basis, using donations they receive. PTA units may want to consider helping address the Internet access problem by making donations to their schools or schools with high numbers of student without home access. Details concerning the “MiFiCheckout Program” are available from the attached “Access4All” flyer. More information on the Access4All program is available at

Posted on March 4th, 2014

Think Latinos are benefitting from Obamacare? Think again!

For all the talk on how wonderful the Affordable Care Act, or commonly known as Obamacare, the reality is quite different, as stated in this LIBRE Initiative story:
“Low-income and minority Medicare beneficiaries – particularly Hispanics – continue to choose plans provided by Medicare Advantage because of the higher-quality coverage and flexibility that the private supplement provides.   
Many find the Medicare Advantage plans desirable because they provide high-quality coordinated care and include vision, hearing, dental, and wellness programs that would not otherwise be offered.  Most Advantage plans also include prescription drug coverage. Yet despite the overwhelming popularity of Medicare Advantage within the Latino community, late last Friday CMS announced the 2015 policy updates and reduced payment rates for the program — which may ultimately result in cuts as large as 8-10%.” 
Read the full story here.

Posted on March 3rd, 2014

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